KidzSpace & charity: water

KidzSpace is raising money to purchase a well through Charity Water. Our goal is $2,000.

Every day people all over the world struggle to find clean water for drinking and bathing. They are forced to walk for miles for unclean water. This Christmas season, KidzSpace is going to raise money towards buying a well. Our goal is $2,000, but we believe, with the help of caring adults in the church, we can blow past our goal. 

If you are interested in supporting this amazing cause, you can give in 3 ways:

  1. Clink the button below to donate towards this cause now.
  2. Drop by KidzSpace on Sunday morning and drop off your donation with a child (they'll love brining your donation in!)
  3. In the next few week we'll have a place to donate near the KidzSpace Check In table.
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Garfield Memorial Church building wells in 2018!