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Our Vision

Connecting diverse people who share a common brokenness, with Jesus.

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Our Vision Frame: Mission, Values, Strategy, Measures

Our Mission

 Connecting diverse people who share a common brokenness, with Jesus.

Our Values


Our church is a safe place where people can “ask, seek, & knock” (Matthew 7:7-8) without fear of judgment.


Our church is absent of pretense where people can be their real selves before God and others.


Our church is a community that reflects our community and the kingdom of God.


Our church is a community where we expect to grow more and more into the likeness of Jesus.


Our church is a community that takes seriously Jesus’ call to the ministry of reconciliation that only happens through justice, forgiveness, and ferocious love.

Our Strategy

When someone comes into our church community, how do they grow into our mission?


First, they EXPLORE. This means coming to a larger gathering, most often worship; although it could be a large event or for a youth it might be Youth Group or Kidz Club.


Then, they CONNECT. Normally this happens through a smaller discipleship group, On Ramps, Men's or Women's Group, Multiethnic Conversations, etc.


This leads to TRANSFORMATION. Not just becoming better informed but "transformed" (Romans 12:2) and being fully immersed into the mission of the church.


Finally, they COMMIT to the mission of the church through baptism, and membership where they support the mission through their presence, prayers, gifts, service and witness. .

Our Measures: Transformed to become more like Jesus


How am I loving my neighbor the way God loves them?


How am I putting the needs of others above my own?


How am I sharing the good news of God’s love for all people?


Do I have meaningful connections with diverse people?

A Renaissance of Reconciliation

our church's ten year vision

In the next ten years, as part of this world's broken community, we will seek to become transformed by Jesus as we pursue a renaissance of reconciliation for all people while living into the beloved community together.

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